Nick the Rat Bio


Nick the Rat was born and raised in Brooklyn NY. He grew up loving to make people laugh and doing art. He attempted making cartoons on youtube but was banned for being too edgy. He was also banned from facebook because he is a rat. He began listening to No Agenda around August of 2010 after hearing John C Dvorak being the only truthful person on Twit. After falling in love with him and Adam Curry, he began submitting cover art for almost every episode since then.

Being inspired by the No Agenda podcast and Art Bell quiting his paranormal radio show for the last time, Nick started the Nick the Rat Radio podcast show in the beginning of 2016. It plays out like a variety paranormal podcast playing some of the latestest free synthwave music, current news reports, and takes live calls.

Reoccuring Characters

Nick the Rat - Paranoid cartoon rat
Kyle Coffin - Stoner Buddy who recently got sucked off into another dimention and might return in 20 years
Jessi - A specialist in many things
Xindu from Oaktar - Current news caster
Jim Raynor - A spaceman with an alien wife who has saved Nick the Rat on many occasions
Larry - A man on the run with important information about the government
Mystery Man - Host of Bigfoot Assault
Jimmy - A rodent with an drug problem...